The Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor, through its Sous-secrétariat aux infrastructures publiques, is responsible for the planning and follow-up of public infrastructure investments. It develops and provides the framework required for the optimal governance of major public infrastructure projects. Its action priorities are the elaboration and implementation of the Québec Infrastructure Plan and the development and setting up of a new process for the management and approval of public infrastructure projects. It focuses on gathering and analyzing the investment needs of public departments and agencies, follows up on them, and prepares an annual report on the use made of the sums allocated to public infrastructure expenditures. The Sous-secrétariat coordinates the public infrastructure evaluation process and prepares relevant policies, strategies and directives. Lastly, it advises the authorities of the Conseil du trésor on the planning, approval and management of public infrastructure projects.

Pour obtenir de l'information notamment sur la Loi sur les infrastructures publiques ou sur la Directive sur la gestion des projets majeurs, veuillez écrire à l'adresse gestion.infrastructure@sct.gouv.qc.ca.