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Information resources

The task of the Sous-secrétariat du dirigeant principal de l'information is to ensure, across government, the coherence of information resources activities and investments. It develops relevant guidelines and policies, proposes them to the government and ensures their coordination and follow-up.

Within the framework of the realization and implementation of an overall government information resources strategy, this under-secretariat sets out the principles that will lead to a renewed image of online government aimed at simplifying access to services for the public and enterprises. It develops norms, rules and standards, and makes them available to departments and bodies to support them in the optimal and safe use of information resources. It helps them with their development efforts, assists them in applying policies and directives, and supports them in their e-government deployment projects. In addition, it assesses the feasibility of pooling projects that are promising and profitable for the gouvernement du Québec.

Information technology is evolving at a fast pace. This is why the government favours an approach based on the rigorous and transparent management of the development of information resources within the public administration, and on coordinated actions relevant to its management.

Given that approach, the Sous-secrétariat du dirigeant principal de l'information develops government vision and strategic guidelines to assist the departments and bodies with technological choices in the areas of transformation of services and modernization of the State. In this regard, the government plans to implement mechanisms aimed at concerted action between the departments and bodies, and between all stakeholders.